MPS can carve any architectural element or object for your project.  This includes hand-carved fountains, fireplace, surrounds and furniture.



MPS can sculpt any of client designs based on photos or drawings provided by the client.


MPS can create new or reproductions of existing pieces of architectural elements and ornamental pieces and items as; columns, arches, pedestals, balustrades, crown moldings, medallions, ceilings, decorative pieces, pediments, cornices, architectural and restoration elements and medallions.


MPS specializes in restoration of historical and preservation sites, public buildings, and decayed historical objects on public buildings, homes and parks.


MPS will match any original finish, texture, colors and materials.  A wide selection of sample materials can be seen at our studio. 



MPS has a wide selection of materials for you to choose including stone, marble and limestone. Some of the other materials include:

Plaster of Paris is the most delicate of materials. This is the most affordable solution to situations where weight and exposure are not an issue.  Generally used for interior reproductions such as molding and window ornaments. Produces a typical smooth white surface that takes paint very well.

Gypsum Cement Plaster is a combination of cement and plaster, it is the preferred material for many architectural applications.  Stronger than plaster, this material offers the best solution for architectural ornaments.  Surface has the qualities of plaster.

GFRC consists of a combination of cement and fiberglass, offers lightweight castings that are very strong.  Textures and color can simulate many traditional stones.  A versatile material that allows for thickness down to one-half inch.  GFRC allows casts to be hollow, while maintaining all the qualities and strengths of cement. GFRC is lighter than plaster, yet heavier than fiberglass.  Used for outdoor applications.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) - Fiberglass (GFRP) can be used for both interior and exterior applications in a variety of shapes, styles and textures and is also well suited to restorations given its durability and very high strength to weight ratio.

Deco Cast offers the greatest resemblance to Terra Cotta, Granite, Marble and stone.  Developed by Manuel Palos, this fiberglass based material is the strongest and light material offered.  At close inspection, it is very difficult to tell that casting made with Deco Cast is not natural stone.  The expected life of Deco Cast TM is estimated to be greater than any other casting product.  Used mainly in outdoor applications where exposure to the elements is the greatest.

Cold Cast Bronze - This bronzing process is used in foundries as a substitute for solid bronze and is an affordable alternative to foundry bronze casting.  This method of casting produces a very lightweight produce. Cold Cast bronze can be treated to simulate a full range of aged bronze.  Used for indoor and outdoor purposes.